Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Infant Mortality

The issue on infant mortality caught my attention over the weekends. Though I failed to browse the content of the news I was confident that illnesses wasted significant percentage of Filipino infants. I ventured to guess that among the factors is the lack of health services to the rural areas – especially those which are very remote. In one of my cartoon strips for a health-focused NGO in Mindanao (Community-Based Health Services), I wrote that since there were no hospitals in the barrios, we instead move the barrios to the cities where hospitals or medical institutions are a plenty. That was the punchline there. While there are barangay health workers or health centers in the remote villages, very often they are ill-equipped.

Side Trip

Yesterday, we were rendered powerless for over an hour when power outage occurred around three in the afternoon. I stayed in the office to wait for the power to come back and it did at 4 o’clock. Anyway, while waiting I entertained myself by browsing government project publications to realize that we had countless of government projects implemented in various parts of the country. Billion worth of moneys or loans or overseas development aids were already poured into various communities in the forms of infrastructures and agricultural support. What happened to the impact of these multibillion projects? Where are the beneficiaries of these well-designed projects?