Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Political Killings

Last year, the Philippine government was hounded by the UN HR Report on alleged human rights abuses and summary executions. The reports mentioned some elements in the AFP as perpetrators. And as leader, GMA should have been sleepless over calls to stop political killings in the country as this editorial cartoons published with the Sun-Star Davao in 2007 tried to depict. I might be caustic or sarcastic then but GMA had to be sleepless on what to do on it.

BTW, if memory serves me right, somewhere in this blog I blurted out that the current senate blue ribbon inquiry on the ZTE-NBN scam showed us how thick-skinned those who are supposed to tell the truth can get. Instead of telling the truth, they told us lies. We were not born yesterday and people know who are telling the truth and who are not. Omerta – code of silence – sort of – as some political pundits would say. It’s a sin though not graver as telling profanities against the so-called Holy Spirit. This one is unforgivable – the former is.

On Roman Catholic Church’s New Sins

Another BTW. I was amazed or amused on the recent news on the RC’s declaration of additional sins in this world. I did not pay attention but I heard that environmental destruction, genetic engineering, pollution, drug abuse, graft and corruption were added as “new sins” people should know. Those were sins long before the church told us they are. Does its mean that before those who committed them before the declaration committed no sins at all? Common.

I believe that the Holy Bible has taken all areas in human behavior in relation to his conduct with God. No need for articulation that would only veer away from what is biblical truth as many so-called false prophets do with proclivity. All areas it covers only that it is a matter of seeing and knowing the truth – biblical truth. For instance, genetic engineering is tinkering with life but I am pretty sure nobody can build life the way life was formed eons ago. Humans are co-creators but not of life. After all, life is created long before this humanity started to emerge long time ago. With that, man can only be nearer to forming life by cloning. But as God? Gimme a break. Science is part of human endeavor with vision for the good and betterment of the humanity. That’s it and outside those spheres and church guidance, it would be a sin.

As with other forms of environmental destruction, pollution and global warming are sins for they would kill our next generations. Except for defense, killing is a sin. Drug abuse? It is same with drunkenness enabling some to commit more sins or sinful behaviors. But before anything else, the warning should be heard: adding to what has already been written is grave sin. Amen.