Sunday, March 23, 2008

PGMA on ZTE-NBN Controversy

At the height of the ZTE-NBN controversy (in my opinion the issue is dying down), newsreports had it that palace was or is doing everything to kill the issue. The cartoon was one of the renditions I drew when ZTE-NBN starwitness Jun Lozada started his crusade. I guess, the opinion that I tried to put across over Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's dilemma with the controversy was clear.

On Rice Shortage Issue

Rice is the staple food of the Filipino people and it is only but proper that our government considers this as a priority on top of other priorities. However, these past few days, the Department of Agriculture or DA raised the alarm over reported rice shortage and Secretary Arthur Yap even went on suggesting to cut in half the rice serving in restaurants as studies showed diners contributed to the anomalous rice wastage in the country for so long a time now while more Filipinos are facing hunger (12.2 million Filipinos according to some data). The suggestion is noble. In fact, the government should do more on this area – teaching all Filipinos to put a stop on throwaway mentality.

But GMA barked at it saying that there is no truth to it. There is no rice shortage. What’s the truth? Are we having rice shortage or not? Some say that it might be a mind conditioning for government’s rice importation. I don’t know. But this is policy is consistently met with criticisms from the farmer sector. THis would remind us of various government policies that are putting pressures on the agricultural sector and the farmers. The issue is political – and saying we have rice shortage is even more politically disastrous as this might create more political ruffles. GMA does not want that scenario to happen especially now that she is still facing the ZTE-NBN scam issue. Probably, lying about it is the best option for now.


Pedestrian Observer GB said...

You do a real good political cartoons, so is this done manually or in digital format?

spliceanddice said...

Gloria tells us there's no rice shortage. But DA Sec Yap tells restaurants to offer the option of half-cup rice for their customers to save on rice or to lessen the rice leftovers. Gloria seals a memorandum with Vietnam, guaranteeing a stockpile of rice in the process for this nation.

Something tells me Gloria is at it again---lying.