Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lights Out, Cartoon Back Issue, New Lawyers, etc...

Admittedly, I wasn’t in the know of the Earthhour until an email reached me last week that it was a global warning for the global warming. Hmmm. To check the veracity of the information, I surfed the net, checked my friendster (I got one) to find out that Greenpeace posted the information too. The WWF was in charge. Later in the day, tv reports also aired a follow-up on the scheduled lights out at 8pm to 9pm.

I did not know where was I then that I did not hear information about Davao City’s participation in that awareness campaign although this morning I hear that SM City participated in that one-hour lights out and the report emphasized that it saved from doing it. That is also my realization, if aside from the regular energy saving measures at home, a one-hour lights out every week can make a difference in your bill. Businesses can also adopt this measure, what do you think?

Perhaps, there was really a lack of information on the event here because when we switched off to join last Saturday evening, our neighborhood was still alive prompting a neighbor to suspect that our line had broken down.

Although there is dissenting opinion on the cause of global warming – that is whether we cause it to heat up – looking after our environment and our natural resources should be one of our priorities for the next generation.

Side Trip

The editorial cartoon (up there) I posted with this entry was published in 2007, if memory serves me right. Well, not this color drawing but the greyscale version. It depicted situation where GMA was on the brink of falling with the sentiment of the business sector about their slackening support to GMA. Similar reports also sprang up at the height of the ZTE-NBN scam investigation. In a ploy to pressure the Makati Business Club to stay away from the oust-GMA campaign, GMA threatened to let BIR loose on them.

To all our new lawyers, congratulations!

With the new lawyers, we hope that more lawyers will share their talents for those who need legal help. And that with them, justice delivery in the country will improve.
This reminds me of a barrio doctor that ABS-CBN featured through Korina Sanchez’ episode last March 30. You saw it? I saw it but I forgot the name of that young doctor who dedicated his profession for the barrio folks' health. I could only praise our professionals who do the same dedication for our less privileged brethren.

Among the passers is Ms. Leah Librado, sister of Davao City Councilor Angging Librado – Trinidad. I met her during one of their community-based activities where I gave short lecture on basic art for small kids. Leah is an active member of Rotary Club Davao City. And it was the time that I realized that my friend and CEGP (College Editors Guild of the Philippines) colleague Angging has a pretty sister in the person of amiable and so young Leah.