Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dance with Spratlys Deal

When I read the blog of Madame Anita Sese, I could not help but salivated when I stumbled in one of her latest featured recipes Tilapias in Cocomilk. From the way it was presented and garnished, I would say that it was perfectly delicious. I would love also to see my favorite Hito cooked in the way Madame Sese (visit her blog to know more about what she is doing to our less privileged brothers/sisters: did to her ginataang Tilapia.

Davao City has joined the caravan for having food districts offering unique or exotic delicacies. One is in Los Amigos (Tugbok District) which has become famous todate for its Hito galore. If you go to the Philippine Eagle in Calinan from downtown, you would not miss Los Amigos for it is just along the way to one of the favorite destinations of foreign and local tourists in the city. Many times, I and my colleagues before would stop in Los Amigos to sate our craving for their deep-fried Hito delicacy. Forget the cholesterol for our appetite had no power then to resist this crunchy stuff. Eating it is one thing and drawing visual inspiration out of the face of the Hito is another - it reminds me of our corrupt government officials.

I must confess that I have this intense feeling to do a comeback to Los Amigos. That’s why I asked my colleague Dante Delima, who operates his Redzkie there – another hitoan – if he is available to welcome our gang of three (I, Carmelito Francisco and Jun Aparece a.k.a. Mr. John Apache). The last time I had tasted Hito was in January this year when I asked my younger brother to buy Hito which he bought from the flea market of Bankerohan at Php120. I heaved sigh knowing that last December 2007, I covered the actual harvest of the DAR-MinSSAD-sponsored Rice-Hito project in Dujali (Davao del Norte) where fresh catfish was sold at Php80.00 per kilo. The largest catch weighed 1.2 kg. But Hito lovers would recommend to buy 3 to 4 pieces a kilo – larger than that would have drab meat. Perhaps, it goes with the variety. Momentarily, however, let me believe in this advice as sound one.

I have yet to taste Hito in Cocomilk.

Oh, by the way, the editorial cartoon tries to depict the dangerous dance GMA is having with another issue that cropped up so recently. This is about the controversial deal with China on the much-debated claim on the Spratlys Island. With this, Senator Manny Villar said in effect GMA could possibly be impeached. Let us see.


Anita Sese Schon said...

Hello, This is Anita Sese of Anita's Kitchen. I just read your comment about the Tilapia in Cocomilk. Yes, you can use Hito also. Try it and I can guarantee you will like it. Make sure you put lots of sili if you like it hot.