Thursday, March 13, 2008

Archbishop Rosales

During the heat stirred by the ZTE-NBN scam, Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales was grilled by the media on reports that in one of his meetings with GMA he asked her to resign. But Rosales denied this prompting me to render this cartoon. It was was published before the Edsa commemoration last February 25.

Side Trip 1. Sometime in the past, I saw on tv the special reports on individuals from some urban poor communities in Manila who sold their kidneys. For sure, extreme poverty pushed them to do it. But this exemplified the possibility of internal organ trading with “donors” who are willing to give out their internal organs for cash.

That is why some kidnappers might have shifted to this type of trading now victimizing children for their internal organs ( While we still have to hear from the police whether there is truth to the matter, I am in the opinion that this has to be taken seriously. The possibility is not remote. After all, this is a lucrative business that would attract criminals to try this business – commodification of life and messing up with the Creator of Life. Well, that is life. But all those who are involved in this grisly crime which has no place in the civilized world, should be dealt with the full extent of the law.

Side Trip 2. A friend of mine asked me to view her friend’s page with multiply that posted a video of a lady aspirant in the American Idol belting out the song Without You by Mariah Carey. Her version “Ken Lee” was apparently lifted from the song’s chorus “I can’t live…” As she renders her version, she murders every lyric of my favorite song that turned out to be so comical (