Thursday, February 21, 2008

On Neri's "evil" description on GMA

If he did not say that GMA was "evil", Neri could have just told the media he never said it. He could not even say Lozada is a liar and that he could not say it to his master (PGMA). But as a "good man" that he is, Neri could not afford to lie further poker-faced.

Meanhwile, the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s headline ( is dumbfounding at least for those who are expecting for a solid stance from the Catholic Bishops Conference in the Philippines (CBCP) on PGMA quit call. Although they are for the truth on the ZTE-NBN scandal, the split on the PGMA resign call merely redefined the vague “communal action” that the bishops conference enunciated earlier. In my opinion, this sends a wrong signal to the civil societies who had hoped to get additional strength and support from the influential church organization to oust GMA. The news provides the embattled Arroyo administration with breathing space.