Thursday, February 28, 2008

Young Offenders

The on-going investigation by the senate blue ribbon committee on the ZTE-NBN scam has not yet gotten to the bottom of it all. I agree with others who are for the truth and they are looking for solid evidence. So far, what the investigation – call it a circus for political popularity by some politicians, it’s up to you – has achieved is that bringing into the open that we have bunch of liars telling us their crafted lies in order to save face or their master’s face… whatever. I am unperturbed of these lies but I just feel sorry for our country knowing that some morons are running it.

By the way, the cartoon above tackles the flight of the country before increasing criminality perpetrated by young offenders with juvenile law at the sidelight seemingly helpless.

DOJ on Lozada

Anti-GMA quarters speculate that GMA administration is after the neck of star-witness Jun Lozada and that he will be rapped. One is the Department of Justice which will have an ax to grind vs. Lozada. If true, what can possibly stop the government from doing that to helpless civilians who are made to testify against graft and corruption or other forms of anomalies with this scenario? Where can Lozada run to when it appears that he is alone as one faced with a mob of powerful and influential men in the government? My musing.

Anyway, this editorial cartoon appears in today's issue of Sun-Star Davao.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GMA Apologists on Sticky Situation

When she admitted prior knowledge on the ZTE-NBN deal problem the day before the EDSA celebration, GMA put herself and all her apologists in a very sticky situation as to what move to take to save them or her from sinking further into the bottom. My cartoon did not depict the whole story, only portion of the “scenario” resulting from her ill-advised, if she was advised, move.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The EDSA Revolution

The civil society and the broad multisectoral groups were hoping to effect change in the current governemnt leadership via EDSA revolution that succeeded to topple two governments, perceived as corrrupt, in the past. This time however there seems to be an EDSA fatigue as people generally remain reticent despite boisterous calls for GMA to resign over ZTE-NBN scam.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

On Neri's "evil" description on GMA

If he did not say that GMA was "evil", Neri could have just told the media he never said it. He could not even say Lozada is a liar and that he could not say it to his master (PGMA). But as a "good man" that he is, Neri could not afford to lie further poker-faced.

Meanhwile, the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s headline ( is dumbfounding at least for those who are expecting for a solid stance from the Catholic Bishops Conference in the Philippines (CBCP) on PGMA quit call. Although they are for the truth on the ZTE-NBN scandal, the split on the PGMA resign call merely redefined the vague “communal action” that the bishops conference enunciated earlier. In my opinion, this sends a wrong signal to the civil societies who had hoped to get additional strength and support from the influential church organization to oust GMA. The news provides the embattled Arroyo administration with breathing space.

Espinosa's Kagikan Art Exhibit in USA

Bong Espinosa emailed me with this information on his art exhibit entitled Heritage "Kagikan" (Heritage, CULTURAL ROOTS). He availed of the Asian Artist Fellowship Residency Grant-2008, Vermont Studio Center (USA). The art exhibit that showcases Bong's unique art, is to be hosted and presented by DR. LORETTA OSAKWE.

The exhibit opening and reception will be on May 8, 2008/ 6pm. Onwards @ Dr. Osakwe's Residence, 284 Beechwood Road, Orange, New Jersey 07050 USA. Brought to you by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (Philippines), it will run until the end of May. He is one of my friends in the Davao art scene and in our group art exhibits years ago. Let's support him.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lozada's "Abduction"

ZTE deal start witness Jun Lozada was never kidnapped upon his arrival at the Naia. This is the consistent statement of the Naia officials and PNP elements who were tagged as responsible in the "kidnapping" of Lozada. The problem is that noone wanted to shed light on the matter for they refused to appear in the senate blue ribbon committee to substantiate further their claim that it was for Lozada's protection.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kudeta vs. JDV

The ouster move against Joe de Venecia Jr. from the house speakership did not only deliver a blow to him but also put the Arroyo administration in another bad light that will add up to the popularity crisis of Mrs. Arroyo and her administration.

In a one-hour privilege speech before the actual voting that catapulted Davao City’s first district representative Prospero Nograles to the house speakership, JDV furiously lambasted GMA and her two sons Dato and Mikey Arroyo for allegedly plotting for his ouster.

Some political pundits opined that JDV lost the support from the Arroyos after his son Joey de Venecia III testified in the controversial ZTE NBN Broadband deal that dragged the name of the first family. He said, the move against him was a sheer display of ingratitude to him. JDV was the one who recommended GMA to be Department of Social and Welfare secretary during the Erap administration and stood by her side during the May 2004 presidential elections and during the attempt to impeach her.

In the house session that lasted till dawn of February 5, 2008, his colleagues succeeded in replacing JDV as it succeeded in reminding the Filipino people of the sins of this administration ranging from the “attempts,” according to JDV, to manipulate the 2004 elections to the ZTE Broadband deal and Transco bidding irregularities.

When he was still safe as a long-time ally of GMA, JDV just kept his supposed knowledge on various issues in his political diary at the expense of the people who should have known the truth long time ago. But he let the cat out because JDV was badly hurt of the maneuvering of his political allies and friends-turned-traitors. That is politics in this country.

As he threw a bucketful of dirt to Mrs. Arroyo, JDV created splatters that would be difficult to clean up until the next presidential elections. Whether or not he is sour-graping, as MalacaƱang allies told the media, is not an issue. The issue is the truth behind that last-minute tirade as he vowed to further flesh-out his accusations against GMA. This simply means, he would not keep his silence if only to exact revenge on the fate he suffered recently.

The opposition will surely capitalize on the revelations of the former speaker of the house. More to it, with proven political wit, JDV is an asset to the opposition come 2010 presidential elections.

As the new house speaker and as the first Mindanaoan to get hold of this important post in the lower house, Nograles deserves to be congratulated. Unfortunately, when many were elated some also cast aspersion to this whole political exercise and doubting whether this will make a difference in the lives of majority people in Mindanao.