Thursday, November 29, 2007

Senator Trillanes

Yesterday, the Magdalo group drew the attention of the nation when they walked out of the court room and holed up in Manila Peninsula Hotel for about 6 hours before they surrendered to the army/PNP. In the presence of media, they issued press statements calling on all filipino people to take side with them or to their cause - and one of these is for GMA to resign. At first, we thought that this time it was going to be a do or die scenario for his group as he was quoted as saying he expected for the worst. Maybe, by worst his group referred to their eventual surrender.

Senator Trillanes and his group Magdalo erred in reading the situation. Although there are rambling grievances beneath the ground over the alleged graft and corruption of Arroyo administration - the people whom he was calling on to support them are not generally restless or impatient. Not yet. Moreover, people this time are not organized. The people or the masses, to him, who were caught unaware, were not ready for whatever action his group was cooking up.

Although he won in the election, it did not mean that he could easily muster a groundswell of supporters or that there were sympathetic masses backing him and his causes. If the people voted for him, I strongly believed the people gave him the chance to bring all his good intentions to the legislative hall - and not through violent means or one-sided saber-rattling.

With the pardon of Erap, I thought that the Magdalo group would be seeing freedom sooner or later under the context of reconciliation. Why not? And instead, devote more time on working what we can do for this country through meaningful and doable laws.