Thursday, November 29, 2007

On Alston's UN HR Report

Another development that would certainly bring the entire nation and the current governance to rethink or double-work on law enforcement is the the final report of Philip Alston released last November 26.

The report looked into the summary killings victimizing leftist activists and cited Davao City for its long record on summary killings involving young offenders.

The report displeased the military in Mindanao and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte when he was described in the 23-page report as "helpless" in the face of countless killings by the much-talked about Davao Death Squad (DDS) - a shadowy armed group that preys on petty crime suspects by stabbing or shooting ala sparrow unit their victims.

For the military, the report has "sweeping and inaccurate statements" saying that indeed there were military elements who committed crimes but these were on their own and therefore cannot be sweepingly charged as sanctioned by the AFP.

There are many sides of a story. But the answer to all of these issues or summary killings for that matter are simple - stop the extra judicial killings in the country with resolved political will.