Thursday, March 29, 2007

Poor's Income


Extended Value Added Tax

It's always the poor who suffer the brunt of EVAT...

Oil Price Increase vs. Poverty

Oil price and poverty have become one meaning for me...thus the editorial cartoon... as always, it is the poor who suffer from the brunt of oil price increases eversince the world began... eversince we used fossil fuel, the consumers at the end of the line are the ones who suffer... we need alternative fuel that is not only environmentally friendly and costly but also consumer or poor sector-friendly.

Pres GMA is hungry Too

GMA was reacting to a survey on poverty affecting the majority of the people. The dialogue says: I am hungry too.

State of the Nation Address (SONA)

When she gave her state of the nation address or SONA, Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo did not do anything but painted a rosy future of the Filipino people's economic situation. Sadly, this is the same SONA we had heard in the past. But when you look deeper into the ground, the story is different or always different. 

There is hunger there especially in the remotest areas in the countrysides where government services seldom reach.The farming communities, for instance, continue to wallow in grave poverty. Many children are out of school, etc. You have a myriad of unresolved issues as a backdrop of the president's SONA.

The Cross of the People

The Holy week of the Roman Catholic Church is celebrated during April. The cross of course represents the sufferings of Jesus Christ during the biblical times two thousand years ago  with which He was to save those who will believe and follow His steps in God’s grace.

I borrow the concept for this cartoon depicting the poor social services in the country - the cross that Filipinos carry all year round since time immemorial. I believe that the state should make all social services affordable and accessible in order to alleviate the situation besetting especially the poorest of the poor.